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Origin Of Pain:Chapter 1  | A Psychological Horror Game

Erz0 Development is an One-Man Indie Games project. Erz0 Development's aim is to create heart-changing games, psychological and sentiment-feeling games. No platfomers, zombies, shooters games or such things.

I'm planning to consume all my free time and invest to create games that will change the heart, eradicate hatred and lead to a better understanding of each other.

"Life's too short to start hating someone, better start achieve your dreams and become a better person that everyone will follow one day. There's no such things as enemies, just remember Hatred and Revenge never stops if you constantly feed those, it will just generate an infinite cycle of hatred."

That's our Motto. That's our aim. That's our dream.

The dream that one day our games will change something.

Origin Of Pain:Chapter 1 is a Psychological Horror Game developed by Erz0 Development for Erz0 Development Campaign ( Our dream to change something in Humanity ) . It may be a Game , but we introduced real stories and real life lessons

Every character has it's story and it's feelings. The First Second of The Game ( Origin of Pain ) presents a forest atmosphere with horror elements and a dramatic story.

The Main Objective of our first Chapter is to explain the meaning of Pain , hatred and revenge in a enjoyable way by playing the game, discover villages, interact with characters , find journals and hidden items around the map.

The Main Objective of Erz0 Development's Campaign is to change something in our World. Yeah, we are all tired by seeing hatred, revenge, racism , tears of pain. We can change it , together. Everybody with his own way. 

Main Features Of The Game:

*Optimized for every system ( Windows / Linux / MacOs ) *Interactive stories / characters / villages
*Horror Enjoyable Atmosphere
*Discover for yourself :)
*Discover for yourself by playing the game :) 

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Dual Core / Intel Core 2 Duo
Ram: 2GB

CPU: Quad Core Cpu Or Better
Ram: 4Gb
GPU: Dedicated 512MB or Better

Patreon Link of Campaign for Supporting us:

With your support, i'm planning to work full-time on the game, inscribe my story, feelings and make people understand we're not alone and we have to start to love again and eradicate the hatred.


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OriginOfPain_Macos.zip 153 MB


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Game seems to be behaving a little strange, I cant really understand what the guy is saying and the subtitles do not match what he is saying, there also seems to be a strange floating grey square randomly floating in the sky, also when I fall into the hole near him I cant get out.  Was not able to find out anything else from that point.

(1 edit)

Hello. There are many characters that has subtitles. I think you tested one of those ( the zombie ghost that has experimental subtitles yet ).

That strange floating square is to calculate the math, it'll be hidden in the next devlog.

You're not supposed to fall in the holes, you know. Also you can escape the holes with a little parkour skills. I was able to, and i'm not a good gamer.

Unfortunately you haven't tested yet the entire game. After you've interact with the ghost, you were supposed to be in front of the Church.

( If you watched the story carefully ).

Please let me know if there are issues so we can fix in the next DevLogs ;)

Thank you

Have a great night